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Once an Engineer, now a Writer. Relationships, finance, psychology and personal growth are topics I hold dear. Letters writer and not afraid of change.

“Keep the curtain up at all cost”

The belief you and I live for can not only close doors, but it can also deprive us of the thrill to travel to that sunny place you always wanted, to ask that person that you find so intriguing and charming if going for a cup of coffee would be fine, and the most alarming of all, something decisions rooted in misconceptions strip us of — life experience.

Wait, can we go about our lives, day after day and not have “life experiences”? Let me explain cause not only is it a bit confusing from the outside as one could…

The beginning doesn’t own the end

A little boy looked up at the skies wondering what lies beyond,

Making its way through the hard vegetation,

Carrying a grain-loaded pack on the back,

Never saw a shoe, but was familiar with the pain,

It used to haunt his feet day and night,

Let alone the lasting strain exploring each muscle of his back,

As the sweat falls down on his forehead, drawing all the way down to his chin,

He never doubted himself, his eyes were always looking ahead,

Don’t think that he couldn’t feel,

The evil lurking at him, fighting to hold him back,

It was…

Your belief is the starting point

Sif was Thor’s spouse. The tone of her long hair used to resemble gold itself, from far away people could tell Sif apart from any other woman living in the city. By day, the sun wouldn’t lose a chance to watch those exotic hair strings that she so much loved. I read it in a Nordic story. Then, there was Loki, a treacherous being. He cut off the hair of the poor thing while she was asleep. …

Doesn’t matter what job, projects and skills you have, measure it at all costs

For a few minutes, here I was, staring at the blank page. Maybe something is coming out now. Let me give it a few more minutes. Well, if I read a page from Letters from a Stoic, by Seneca, an interesting thought will surely come by then I would just need to grasp it as fast as possible before the wind blows it away. Nothing. I stood up, went for the kitchen and a few fruits there I saw. Round, reap, juicy, oranges. Reached for a knife in the balcony and one orange I got. Started peeling it and before…

Are you selling your skills as a retailer sells apples?

We’re all sales people, that’s the truth. Some connotations and definitions of our personality don’t come naturally. Sometimes a little push from the outside is the key we’re looking for to open another door to understanding ourselves. Going about life is a huge puzzle. Most people don’t question so much, while others feel like diving into deep waters struggling to find a way out. But is it worth, all the effort put in to define who we are, all the mental energy spent on building a more coherent path when it comes to who we identify ourselves with?

We’re all…

“Do the thing and you shall have the power.”

It was slightly harder to get out of bed this morning. I didn’t need to look through the old window of my bedroom to realize it’s cold today. Every fiber of my body was shaken by the low temperatures in my city as a soothing rain was painting the cloudy skies.

“Today I get things done”, I said with my trembling voice across the room. But as I sit to give life to sentences I can’t help but feel like I’m taking steps backwards. If you’ve come to know this feeling, you’re not alone.

Progress is hard to define inside…

“How long will I be trapped in here?”

I don’t have high blood pressure. Yes, sometimes I feel pain in my knees, my back, but the worst is actually what lives in the mind. The calendar hanging from the wall couldn’t care less about my plans and sounds like it’s just my and my scribbled plans on a piece of paper. I’m not whining, crying doesn’t help either, but only Heaven knows how I’m dying to see light bouncing off somewhere and showing me a positive perspective. I wonder how long it takes to nurture an unstoppable mindset.

Maybe it’d make a huge difference in my life. Like…

Is love truly such an evergreen feeling?

Comfortably holding a pen between my fingers I look down at the colorful papers laying on my desk and I know it’s time to open my heart and to truly say how it feels to let the thought of her navigate in my mind for a while.

Seems like it’s a different world. As if I was a silent lake traveling through the lands of her many landscapes, lands where layers and layers of snow don’t leave a minimum spot so that the floor can look at the moon — except the sloping roofs, lands bathed in sunny mornings embracing…

The answer you seek might show up when you’re sleeping

It’s inevitable as the succession of day and night happens, how I look out my window wondering where I’ll stumble on the answers for my life, and the thing is that I’m not only pursuing the way to bring more money to my pockets, but I’m desperate to pave a way I’ll take joy in for the next years of my life — it’s clear when the mirror looks at me and points out the worried look deep in my dark-brown eyes. …

Thinking about the way to think

For some reason it seems I’m trapped on a wasteland and the funny thing about it is that I’m also free to sit down on the muddy soil — because it’s raining — and somehow manage to direct my thinking into tying words for the purpose of creating something valuable. I know value is relative, but there’s always a way to build it, to garnish, to create. …

Daniel R Silva

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